Category: Uncategorized has been up in one form or another now for 14 years… once a design sketchpad / portfolio, then a long-running blog before blogs were blogs (currently archived but not easily accessible), then a second short-running blog (seen here)… now really the only thing I use it for now is a file dump and a place to store all of my excellent mixtape/podcast/radio show files.

I think the original intent for this most recent version was to be more of a photoblog than anything else. I think it still can be. I just got a little too lost staring at my navel for a while. So I’ll think about getting back into photoblog mode, and until next time, it’s Facebook and Flickr.

late evening seattle skyline from Kerry Park

swanky digs! I’ve been thinking about doing this redesign for about 3 or 4 years now. The way the old site worked was super low-tech (which is fine by me), but a bit labor intensive. Now its all database driven, for better or worse.

Influenced by Boston Globe’s fantastic “The Big Picture“, I’ve decided this space will be primarily for beautiful images and any accompanying words to go with them, or big ideas that pop up now and then. Most of my random blather is soaked up by Facebook, and the complete photo archives are hosted on Flickr… but on neither of those can you really make a well-crafted statement, visually or otherwise. (I don’t even get Twitter – and hearing Larry King or Hoda Kotb talk about it finished off any modicum of interest I may have had.)

So anyway, thanks for sticking around. There may be a few hiccups in the next few weeks, but hopefully in the end I can better share some cool stuff with you. I’ll start by catching up on the last few weeks of cool stuff.