cleaned out



came home from work and noticed the front door was open. A large white space on the wall where the TV used to be. Quick look around : laptop, gone. Ipod, gone. Speakers, gone.


The kitchen window screen was cut in half and flapped in the breeze, the window knocked off its rails but fully intact, blinds slightly askew.


Checked the bedroom. Cameras and lenses, gone.


Checked the studio. Keyboards, accessories, synths, gone, gone, gone. Backup hard drive with my entire music and photo collection, gone (and recently updated as of last night!)


Checked the far back reaches of the closet… gun and ammnition, gone. Fuckers.


This isn’t the first time… back in Baltimore I experienced a far more messy and unnecessarily haphazard mass-theft. No, I compliment these guys on their precision, though I laugh at their ignoring of some seriously high-dollar goods (checkbook? AMEX? Ultra rare Niro-Nakamichi surround system? the keys to my bike? Amateurs.)


Last time this happened, it tested one of the core beliefs I was raised with, but the simple honesty of a non-materialistic life endured, stronger, even. Stuff is just stuff. It was heart wrenching to see my life so carelessly invaded and thrown around, but I’m not defined by what I own. I’ve had cameras stolen, take ‘em. Easily replaced. That TV rarely got used. The computer has been getting slower and slower lately.


Where it crosses into rage is where it hits closest to my heart. To take my entire music collection and the *2* separate digital backups I had made of it? The inspiration I draw from daily, meditate on and connect with others through. 12,000 songs that only began to spell it all out for me?


Then to take my very own voice. The means by which I throw my heart out into the universe. Lately my mind has been filled with a deconstruction of what comprises my soul. I’ve held back from sharing it because its kind of silly… but my spiritual existence has always been music-centered more than anything else. My time in church was almost completely spent chasing deeper meaning through music. My biggest ideas and strongest feelings revolve around melodies and the people who make them… where they sit in the cultural, political, and spiritual dimensions of time and space. I’m a hack, I know nothing of theory, can barely play proficiently in more than 3 keys (thanks, transpose!), and rely more on muscle memory than comprehensive improvisation… but it doesn’t matter, because what comes out is what I have to give, nothing more and nothing less. People seem to appreciate it, and I love doing it, feeling as though it somehow connects me a little closer to where it all comes from.


That Nord Electro has been with me for almost a decade, sharing the stage and creating albums with old forgotten friends, surprise meetings with heroes in front of thousands, in old dusty churches, on the bricks of Beale Street, or just in front of total strangers spilling my heart out. Its just a thing, sure but its a first-edition model with a floppy but well damped action that no keyboard (including later Nords) can recreate. Knobs, dials, EQs, all perfectly set for my sound. Favorite settings, sliders, and buttons all well worn with where my fingers had touched the paint to the point of it flaking off. In many ways, its been my closest friend. Not to mention a handy meal ticket.


Its not some dumb junkie’s next hit. I’m determined to find it. Its a special one, and any used gear shop will probably pick up on that.


In the mean time, I am able to borrow a friend’s board to get my next few gigs taken care of. I have insurance and will get at least something back to replace the items themselves. All I can hope and pray for at this point, is that these assholes aren’t much brighter than they’ve already revealed, and I can find my music again. Its the only thing I care about…


inventory (if’n you might be on the lookout):

Sharp Aquus 36″ LCD HDTV
Apple iBook G4, 14″
Maxtor 120GB external USB HDD
Apple iPod 60GB, black
Apple iPod Nano 2GB, black
Bose SoundDock Portable
Nikon D50 Body, Tokina 12-28mm f4, Nikon 20mm f2.8, Nikon 18-135mm f3.5, bag
Korg MS2000R rackmount polyphonic synthesizer
Nord Electro 73 (v1.0) in SKB case with Leslie cable, 3 footswitches, orange extension cord
Smith & Wesson  Model 637 .38 snub “airweight” revolver

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